What kills yeast infections?

Are you currently suffering from burning, itching, pain, and odor which is a vaginal yeast infection? If so, I'm here to explain to you what killed yeast infections and even better how you can start getting help in 10 minutes after reading this article!

So before I get into what kills yeast infections, let's see what doesn't kill yeast infections …

Medications: These include Monistat, Canesten, and various other infectious yeast drugs. In an online poll conducted recently, 56% of women indicated that Monistat causes severe symptoms. What's even more remarkable is the fact that only 11% said they used Monistat without experiencing side effects. So 9 out of 10 chances you will have some form of side effects using this drug.

Beyond these drugs is known to create what is known as the super yeast strain. So instead of killing yeast infections, they strengthen the infection, strangely enough, to force you to use stronger drugs and more at other times. Drug companies love it because they start to have your health! Don't let them do this!

So what permanently kills yeast infections?

Natural Yeast Infection Treatment – There are many things to this, and it's not fair to clump them all like this because there are many variations when it comes to what kills yeast infections naturally.

The reason natural remedies are what kills yeast infections is that they work with your body in removing viruses. Medicines don't do this, and this is a vital flaw why they can never eliminate your yeast infections. Natural treatments balance the pH of the vagina and also the balance of the native flora of the vagina; this quickly kills yeast infections and provides assistance in time that drugs can offer. What's even better is the fact that super yeast not created and you can be happy that you have done something for yourself that is not toxic in any way and works quickly.