What causes back pain?

The most common cause of back pain is injury, can be caused by exercise, rough work or lifting something heavy.

Auto accidents also can cause back pain due to strained muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Another cause is a slipped or herniated disk. The disk that provides cushioning between each vertebra slides toward the Spinal Canal and presses on nerves can cause severe pain through nerves.


Doctors can diagnose back pain by taking a physical exam and check the patient's medical history. MRI will help for a detailed diagnosis for this problem.


For injury caused back pain chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy aggravates the problem typically. Dr. David Peng uses his family secretes herbal recipe patch, which can heal injured tissues, tendons, muscles, and ligaments, once the treatments are finished the patient does not need any more follow-up therapy.

For herniated disk, spinal decompression is an effective treatment, but if the traction machine is too strong, it will cause damage to the spine and aggravate the pain.

Chiropractic service can be helpful for this back pain, but the treatment usually only lasts for several days, and the patient will end up having to see the chiropractor regularly for many years. Dr. David Peng uses Acupuncture to treat the symptoms such as scoliosis, pain in the thigh and calf, numbness at toes and uses an herbal patch to handle the back, which is the root of the problem. The herbal medicine is a natural anti-inflammatory medicine, which can reduce the swelling and inflammation of local tissues to make more space for nerves, after acupuncture therapy the pressure of the nerves will lessen, and the symptoms will be relieved in a short period.


Avoid standing or sitting for prolonged periods, stop every hour or so to walk around.

Do not wear high-heeled shoes.

Don't pick up overly heavy stuff.