Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Chronic Fatigue Disfunction Syndrome is characterized by several symptoms that are often confusing as a result of high blood pressure or influenza. People often feel tired for long periods of time, with muscle cramps, severe headaches, nausea, and other symptoms that are not cured with long breaks. Even fatigue experienced by individuals who suffer from weakening and prolonged Chronic Fatigue Syndrome causes a gradual decrease in a person’s ability to carry out activities even daily due to fatigue.

A doctor can be consulted if an individual suspects the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A complete physical examination reveals the disease even though in fewer cases than more physical examination is not enough to trace it. The symptoms that are present in someone suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be the result of many other reasons, such as: drug addiction; high blood pressure; viral or bacterial infection; other diseases related to muscles, joints, nerves, intestines, or digestive system; immune disorders; psychiatric illness; cancer; tumor; and much more. Therefore all of this must be ruled out before concluding that the disease that infects the patient is indeed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is because no one test will confirm someone’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

There is no permanent cure for this disease. Treatment will reduce joint fatigue by providing relief from all other symptoms and patients will be able to continue with their daily tasks. However, there is no long-term treatment found as a complete remedy for this terrible disease, which weakens strength, makes the sufferer weak like a newborn baby.

Depression, anxiety, joints, muscle aches, fever, etc. can be treated temporarily with anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs or temporary painkillers. Even viral and bacterial infections that attack the body can be cured to some extent. They can help the body fight infections such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which usually results in a poor immune system. However, consuming lots of drugs can cause further complications that may not be exactly related to the disease.

If this disease is detected at an early stage, active exercise and life can help prevent this disease to a certain extent. However, this disease is difficult to detect until it reaches an advanced stage where the patient is not even able to perform daily tasks, especially physical exercise.

It is recommended to take prescription drugs even though some alternative drugs are available. This is because Chronic Fatigue Syndrome reduces the immunity of the whole body and drugs that don’t fit the body can cause reactions that aren’t always beneficial for the body. A doctor will be able to help decide on the right medication so consulting a doctor is a must in conditions of Chronic Fatigue.