Three Secrets to Back Pain Relief

Millions of individuals all around the world suffer from some back pain or another. Like you, they all do their best to find the solution for relieving their pain. Back pain can interrupt your daily life whether you suffer from the type of back pain that may come from improper lifting and strains to your back.

These types of pain can generally find relief by taking over the counter pain medication and deep tissue massage. However, when you suffer from chronic back pain, the story can be much different. It can be challenging to find the solution for relieving this type of back pain, since everyone is different and various methods of pain relief work or do not work, according to the individual's condition.

To relief your back pain, you will need to do a bit of research on your condition to find out about the various choices of treatment. Get into a regular exercise routine, while protecting your body, by paying attention to its pain signals. It is in your best interest not to continually concentrate on the pain you feel while learning to change any pain habits you may have since changing these habits aid in uplifting your feelings about yourself and your pain.

You should also consider seeking support, while creating your pain management plan of tracking the progress of the methods you use, to find out which gives you the relief you seek. Most importantly, you should stay positive in your attitude, by thinking positively, keeping your sense of humor about you. You should be eating a well-balanced diet and exercising daily and enjoying your daily activities when you are with others or alone.

There are natural body controls, such as intense concern for others and external authorities such as medications, physical therapy, heat and cold methods, exercise and relaxation as well as massage techniques that aid in controlling the signals of pain our body feels when dealing with back pain symptoms. When you suffer from back pain, there are several methods you can choose from to aid your relief, these include, limiting and moderating as little medication for pain as you can handle.

Increasing your social and physical activities and enjoying an active lifestyle, changing any habit of pain you have that may be interrupting your life, such as consuming alcohol or staying in bed all day for relief, as well as eagerly learning new methods of reducing your pain. Of course, you must understand that different ways work better for some individuals than they do for others. You will be working to find and practice the right techniques for reducing your pain.

One solution for relieving your pain is to visit your family physician and to talk with him or her concerning your condition while being enthusiastic about working as a team to find the best pain relief for your particular situation. You can help your physician understand your pain by being able to explain the location, the frequency and severity of your symptoms as well as letting the physician know what makes the pain feel worse or better. After doing so, your physician will be able to help you figure out the best solution for relieving your pain.

Some of the things you may be counseled to do are:

Use heat and cold treatments for relief

Heat treatments may include soaking in warm water or using a hot water bottle or heat packs, using a heating pad for a limited amount of time, as well as using an electric blanket and flannel sheets for warmth as well as warming your clothing in a dryer before putting them on. Or try dipping your hand in a paraffin bath to relieve your pain symptoms. You may also find relief by alternating heat and cold water bath treatments. Cold treatments would include using ice packs or frozen vegetables in the area of your pain. However, you should always practice safety first when working with heat and cold treatments, for the best results.

Wisely using your joints and exercising.

Wisely using your joints include, being aware of your body position, avoiding activities that cause you pain, while planning to simplify your daily tasks, using most often your most active and most massive muscles and joints. You should always practice proper lifting techniques, not staying in one position for extended periods, learning to balance your times of activity and rest as well as having a healthy respect for your pain.


Relaxation techniques may include, guided imagery to help you focus on images that bring pleasure, prayer, hypnosis, which aids by focusing attention internally, rather than persisting with the concentration on your other thoughts or anxieties. You may consider using biofeedback, which involves sensitive electrical equipment that measures the reactions of your body, as well as the use of audio tapes for relaxation guidance.

Counseling, Support and Pain Clinics

Counseling and support involve working with others, such as your physician, nurse or even a physical or occupational therapist as well as a counselor, psychologist, social worker, and your pharmacist, depending upon your condition and the type of support you need. Counseling, support groups and pain clinics, involves being unafraid to seek out help when you need someone to talk with about the pain and stress you encounter with back pain. You can always ask your physician for his recommendations of these types of pain relief options to find out where to find them.

Other techniques for pain management

These pain management techniques for pain relief may include such things as, using splints to reduce pain and swelling, getting a good restful nights sleep, which aids by restoring your spirits and energy daily. Or you may use of topical deep heating lotions and massage techniques. You may even consider transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS, which is a small electrical device that uses mild pulses of electricity to stimulate the nerves influenced in painful areas.

When you suffer from upper or lower back pain, with or without arthritis, you should know that you are not alone in your fight to be pain-free or to at least decrease the amount of pain you feel. There are others who can help you deal with and control your pain, as well as some inspiring methods and techniques you can try when searching for just the right type of solution for your pain.