Take control of your hunger : 5 ways to eat more efficiently, stop cravings and overcome excessive eating

If you want to control your hunger, then this article will share your ways to eat less food easily, stop cravings before you give up and overcome your desire to overeat. You will find weight loss much easier when you have these five strategies working for you.

Control your hunger

1. Easily eat less by becoming a conscious eater. A great way to control hunger and eat less is to bring your awareness to eat. Take the time to pay attention to your food and how it smells and focus on how it tastes with every bite. You will find that you eat more slowly, eat less and make better eating decisions in the future.

2. Stop food cravings by a 15-minute walk. A recent study conducted at the University of Exeter showed that 15 minutes was the length of time participants had to walk to forget about eating. Give this opportunity in your daily life and not only will you control your hunger, but you will get additional benefits because of the extra calories you burn during walking.

3. Drink more water to help control your desire to overeat. A glass of water 15 minutes before your meal will fill your stomach makes you less likely to overeat when eating.

4. Eat vegetables or salads before eating. By filling salad or vegetables first, you will tend not to eat the main dish, and it's easier to avoid desserts.

5. Sleep. When you are tired, you can see your appetite is stimulated. This is fake hunger, but it can easily lead you to overeat. Give your body at least 7 hours of good quality sleep at night, and you will find it much easier to control your hunger.