Natural Alternative for Anti-Inflammatory Care – Part Two

Anti-inflammatory treatments can hurt your health by weakening your immune system. Inflammation is a normal, natural and very healthy process that your body needs after an injury or another type of trauma.

Inflammation is swelling of the affected, which limits movement if it is in the joint. Pain is a typical accompaniment. This swelling protects the joint from further damage, preventing you from continuing to use the joint, while healing occurs.

If the process is prolonged, it can also be an indication that your immune system is struggling to do the job.

Let's assume, for the sake of this article, that this process occurs because of an injury to your joint, knee.

If Arnica is taken immediately after the injury, in its true potential (strength) and with the optimal number of doses, most if not all will complete healing is a short time.

However, with joints, there is the possibility of damage to nerves, tendons, ligaments, and bones, so that more detailed care may be taken.

If Arnica has done everything she did, but the inflammation can remain or return, then maybe another homeopathic remedy is needed.

Ruta is a typical home prescription drug that works by stimulating your immune system to heal your tendons, ligaments, and periosteum (the bone layer, which is attached to the ligament). The typical symptoms that you will have our weaknesses. It feels like my knees will give way and you will fall.

Even though you may feel stiffness in the joints, the dominant feeling is one of the weaknesses.

Inflammation is indicated by “itis” at the end of words that describe conditions like tendonitis and inflammation of the bladder. Instead of thinking about the effects, the inflammation process, focus on the causes, injuries, and symptoms, your weaknesses. This will guide you to the best treatment to cure both very quickly.

Ruta can also be used successfully after the use of tendons that are often used in humans and animals, especially horses. A weak muscle means the joint can easily dislocate the vertebrae, including your back.

Ruta will restore strength if indicated, keeping the joints in place once more.