Natural Alternative For Anti Inflammatory Treatments -Part Three

Anti-inflammatory treatments can make swelling in the short term but will benefit your long-term health.

Inflammation is a direct and natural action from the body to protect the affected part when healing occurs. The body has innate wisdom, and this is perfect harmony for the most efficient healing to get the best results, now and in the future.

By suppressing this natural reaction, you create an environment that is not suitable for your body to recover as well as possible. Slower or incomplete healing can be a short-term outcome, while arthritis may be a result in the coming years.

Instead of trying to suppress the effect, doesn't it make more sense to overcome the cause? Then both will be quickly resolved.

Homeopathy works by stimulating your immune system to work gently when it is created to work efficiently. This time, it is not possible because various factors have suppressed it. Factors may include poor diet, medical drugs, and vaccines, insufficient water in your food, inadequate sun exposure, lack of personal time. This list is endless.

All injuries must begin with the use of Arnica orally. Good though, it might not solve all injuries. This shows that other homeopathic medicines are needed.

The remedy for Rhus Tox homeopathy is found in all good home prescription kits. This is perfect medicine when your most muscular symptoms are joint stiffness. This can come from arthritis, especially if the cause is an old injury. But it can also occur from inflamed joints due to recent injuries.

Apart from stiffness, another strong keynote of this drug is that symptoms improve by applying heat, while they are worse in winter, in the winter months.

It has a specific stiffness expression; worse for the first few steps of the initial movement. Then it increases with continuous changes – however, actions that continue to cause pain and further problems. So you sit down to get help, but then become stiff, so you have to start the cycle again.

This is often referred to as the rusty ‘gate syndrome.

So the symptoms you're looking for to use this drug successfully are injured by inflammation, stiffness that improves with the heat applied and anxiety.

Foot of the palm The cat steps on the horse needs poison Rhus. The symptoms that lead me to this are; works well after Arnica, and she becomes nervous.