How to Stop Smoking

There are many ways to stop smoking, and each needs to find a way. To help you find a way, here is a list of the most common methods.

Nicotine replacement

  • Nicotine replacement can be in the form of fillings, inhalers or chewing gum. The idea is to avoid physical withdrawal symptoms by continuing to swallow nicotine into your system rather than smoking. That way you can get used to not smoking before you have to face actual physical withdrawal.

Anti-Desire Medication

  • For years drug companies have come up with various anti-drug drugs to help people quit smoking. These drugs often have side effects which can be trivial, but it depends on the individual.


  • Having counseling before and during stopping helps people understand and let go of the underlying reasons why they smoke. This can help people stay long-term without suffering panic attacks and cravings, or help people with techniques to deal with panic attacks or cravings when they appear.

Books and Tapes

  • Books and tapes look at the reasons why people smoke so they can work and free themselves from the underlying motivation. This can be done before and during a stop. Again, the advantage is the long-term ease and freedom of cravings. This is a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), even though the authors themselves cannot identify it.


  • There are many methods used in hypnotism; one example is that cigarettes taste rotten and will make you sick if you try to smoke. Hypnotism tries to trick your mind into believing that cigarettes will be uncomfortable or dangerous in several ways. Different hypnotism techniques may involve making someone think that they are nonsmokers, or they are free of all wishes, etc.

A mixture

  • People often use a mixture of two or more of the above methods, for example, someone can be hypnotized, take anti-desire drugs, get counseling and work through books and recordings.

Find your way

  • But you choose to quit smoking if the method you choose doesn't work for you then move on to the next method. Often some people need to try some different methods until they finally find the right one. It often happens that only some attempts that fail to use different methods will allow someone to stop finally