Do All Healthy With A New Anti-obesity Pill

With so many tablets and weight-loss supplements available on the market today, what choices and decisions that are most suitable are becoming increasingly difficult. Talking about prescription weight loss pills, the same dilemma is faced by doctors who have to decide what is best for their patients, with all the factors associated with it. Patient’s lifestyle, dietary work habits, body mass index, and current health conditions, etc.

You should also remember that even if your doctor prescribes certain weight reduction tablets for you, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely free of side effects. In fact, trials clinical studies have revealed otherwise. One of the latest anti-obesity drugs is that Tesofensine currently under development to be launched and marketed as a weight loss drug.

What’s that Tesofensine? Tesofensine is the anti-obesity drug that is currently undeveloped but soon to be launched is regarded as one of the drugs most weight loss potential is created and used to this day. According to a study published in the medical journal Lancet called (Edition 2008; 372: page: 1906-13), Tesofensine gave to parents who have Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s patients, which significantly down a few pounds after using the medication for six months.

Whether Tesofensine works? Tesofensine works by blocking a specific neurotransmitter (a hormone) in the brain. This eventually leads to appetite and hunger is suppressed or reduced. Therefore, a person does not eat a lot and yet not feel hungry as he wants, on the contrary. These drugs also seem to reduce overall body mass, which is considered as one of the deciding factors of your weight is most important.

Is tesofensine safe? Unfortunately, even during these publically research, Tesofensine did show some significant side effects such as increased heart rate (abnormal fast pulse) and high blood pressure and decreased muscle mass of the body. It should be remembered that, ideally, the pills weight loss should aim to reduce fat mass “,” leaving the body’s muscle mass ” intact. However, this did not happen on Tesofensine significantly and also lead to a reduction in muscle mass/ much-needed protein.

Some other side effects associated with the use of Tesofensine are dry mouth, headache, nausea, insomnia (sleep deprivation), diarrhea and constipation. This study also found that as many as 13% of the total fat people who took part in the research had to withdraw from the study due to security concerns. For the same reason, the researchers agree at the end of the study, that Tesofensine needs more clinical research, testing, and monitoring because a lot of undesirable effects found potentially dangerous.

Therefore, based on the facts and discussion, it is logical to conclude that there is no medical treatment to date (especially the allopathic medicine) that are free of side effects or potential. If used for long periods, such drugs can even cause serious health complications and will also greatly enhance your expenses to the overall cost of healthcare. Practice the steps of anti-obesity natural as eating well-balanced, healthy food, exercise at least 30 minutes a day and choose a safe herbal diet pills remains the most effective level is to lose weight and get the benefits of a healthy life. If chosen wisely, herbal weight loss supplements are not only considered relatively safe but very economical and cost-effective for your savings in the long run.