Clinical application of docetaxel in cancer chemotherapy

Docetaxel has wider anti-tumor activity. This has been widely used clinically. Efficacy of gastric cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, non-small cell lung cancer is more significant.

This is a clinically used anticancer drug. Tumors treated with docetaxel chemotherapy with intensive care. This is effective in reducing adverse reactions and improving the quality of life of patients. It receives a good effect.

Psychological care before chemotherapy: before treatment, patients and their families need to be informed of adverse reactions and preventive measures in treatment. Pharmaceutical raw material suppliers must also guide taking preventative measures and effective psychological counseling for patients. Be patient and speak kindly to the patient, to understand the patient’s mental condition, raise his ideological problems, so that patients who receive chemotherapy are in the best state of mind. Patients with anxiety and fear, through effective psychological care and significantly reduce the patient’s psychological burden, and to actively cooperate with care, the successful completion of chemotherapy treatment.

Treatment for chemotherapy: Docetaxel is made from poly ethyl-generation castor oil and ethanol solvent, poly ethyl from castor oil into the degradation of the body, resulting in a large amount of histamine release, serious allergic reactions occur, especially in the first few minutes to start infusion is most likely to happen, may have a short period of hypotension and asymptomatic bradycardia, which occurs in about 29%, so the drug must be at the bedside careful observation of the ECG to monitor pulse, respiration, heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation from changes in input must be caused by fluids, and to provide dexamethasone prophylaxis and diphenhydramine antiemetic drugs, anti-allergic treatments.

After 30 minutes and the ECG, an indicator is smooth, connect the docetaxel liquid. Treatment course, close monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate and take notes. Like a drop in blood pressure of more than 20mmHg, you should immediately stop the intravenous saline infusion, these patients without discomfort, and can continue to observe blood pressure on their return to normal after infusion. It was found that blood pressure continued to decline, accompanied by facial rinsing, systemic urticaria, gas tightening, palpitations, palpitations, and discomfort should be reported immediately to the doctor and with help. During treatment, every 15 minutes of patient visit 1 to observe patients being asked about chest tightness, shortness of breath, muscle pain and other symptoms.

During chemotherapy in patients with snacks, easy to digest, rich in vitamins such as fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. By listening to music, watching TV, trying to spread the attention of the patient’s family members to communicate with patients, to provide a comfortable care environment for patients, while maintaining fresh air in the room, vomiting must be cleaned immediately, reducing adverse stimuli. Given before chemotherapy and after chemotherapy, 30 minutes, dexamethasone, and to prevent the digestive tract, severe vomiting and unable to eat, provide rehydration nutrition therapy. Care and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, if necessary constipation soap enema solution.

Docetaxel is an antineoplastic agent in the paclitaxel class. It plays an anti-tumor effect by interfering with the mitosis of cells and the microtubule tissue needed from separate interfacial cellular functions. Docetaxel has wider anti-tumor activity. It is generally used as an anticancer drug in clinical conditions especially to cure gastric cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, non-small cell lung cancer. Careful, careful observation and proper treatment ensure the key to the successful completion of cancer chemotherapy. This requires maintenance work to be excellent. People need to give patients the spirit of care and attention to life. They also have to master the main pharmacological effects and the process of using docetaxel with adverse reactions. Methods of treatment and preventive measures need to be observed. After an adverse drug reaction occurs, it is necessary to take nursing interventions on time and precisely to alleviate the suffering of the patient. To improve the quality of life of patient patients, while providing human care so that it will reduce disputes