Causes – Obesity and Overweight

Our current lifestyle causes obesity and overweight. The situation with obesity has become so critical that the world health organization has defined it as a global epidemic. Worldwide, at least 300 million people are now obese.

Although it now recognized as an illness, which is considered to be present when people have a BMI of over 30, it is nonetheless preventable in many cases.

There are some illnesses which result in obesity, but these are relatively rare, for example, hypothyroidism and Prader Willi Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder, affecting children from birth and with increased appetite as one of the symptoms. If you feel that there may be genetic factors involved in your case or the case of your children, you should seek medical advice and get a proper diagnosis.

Lifestyle is the primary cause of obesity in the 21st Century. Also, it takes time for anyone to become obese and as with any illness, early intervention improves the chances of getting weight under control and avoiding the many severe and sometimes life-threatening side effects.

In the developed world now in a situation where food is always available, only a few steps to the fridge to get a choice of meals that consist mostly of sugar. Our ancestors had to hunt for meat and gather fruits, vegetables, and nuts, which meant they did not have food on tap and had to make the considerable physical effort to get it. And of course, they did not eat refined foods with unhealthy additives.

Not only do we have too much food within easy reach, but we also take less and less exercise. Our ancestors didn't have to have gyms – they got enough exercise from their daily activities. Nowadays, we spend most of our time in cars or front of computers or the TV screen.

So although there are some illnesses and a genetic tendency in some to overweight, we know that much food and too little exercise causes obesity.