Avoid Hair Loss

Finding ways to avoid hair loss is a meaningful way to maintain hair that seems to fall from your scalp. While some hair loss is the result of androgenic alopecia, genetic predisposition to baldness caused by certain hormones, other causes of hair loss includes an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen as a whole in men and women. If treated with the first signs of hair loss, many of these effects can be reversed entirely, giving you thick, thick hair.

Although it is not commonly known, both men and women produce male hormones. When their bodies become hormonally unbalanced, both men and women tend to produce excessive amounts of testosterone.

Because of the excessive amount of testosterone, the natural reaction from combining with other hormones, 5-alpha-reductase produces dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is a hormone, DHT, which when tied to a strand of hair at the root of the follicle immediately stops the production of hair in that follicle.

If you try to avoid hair loss at the root level, it's important to understand that you need to keep your hormone levels balanced at all times. For women, this may be more challenging because their hormone levels can significantly be influenced by irregular menstrual cycles, pregnancy, birth, menopause, poor eating habits, stress and the effects of external environmental toxins. For men, generally, hormonal imbalances are caused by stress at home and work, poor eating habits, and environmental toxins.

One way to solve this problem and avoid hair loss is by taking natural herbal supplements specially formulated to balance the hormone levels of men and women. These herbal supplements generally contain Biotin, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Horsetail Silica (for the ladies) and Saw Palmetto (for men). In just a few months by taking natural herbal supplements every day, as directed, you can start paying attention to balance hormone levels and reduce the production of DHT.

Also, it is crucial to avoid hair loss by eliminating existing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and bound to the hair roots in many of your follicles. A straightforward way to get rid of DHT is to use hair growth shampoo specially formulated to remove bacteria, hormones (such as DHT), dirt, oil, and bacteria from within the hair follicles. By massaging and high-quality hair loss shampoo, as directed, you can remove any DHT at the root of the hair and start the process of rejuvenating hair production.

Finally, for more severe hair loss problems, an effective way to avoid hair loss is to use over-the-counter topical creams formulated with FDA-approved drugs, Minoxidil. Most of these topical creams, including Rogaine, are specially formulated for men (at 5% potential) and women (at 2% potential). When used in thinning and bald areas of your scalp, especially the crown of the head, Minoxidil has proven to be very useful in hair restoration.

Finding the right solution to avoid hair loss may include using all of these methods. Finding the product or drug that is most suitable for you should start showing these signs within a few months through regrowth of hair in areas that are bald and thinning on your scalp.