Antiparasitic Formula

Black Walnut has a high tannin content which acts as the main anti-worm along with juglone, juglandin, and juglandic acid. This gives oxygen to the blood to destroy parasites such as ringworm. Black Walnut can also help the body balance sugar levels and burn toxins and fatty substances. Juglans plex has the benefits of Black Walnut and the ability of antiseptics (against bacteria), anti-fungal, and anti-worms.

Abesthine Wormwood, of the same genus as the great anti-malarial Sweet Wormwood, acts as an anti-helminthic, antiseptic, and intestinal soothing agent. And, just as Sweet Wormwood purges malaria, other parasites are eliminated by Absinthine Wormwood.

Both of these herbs act on the adult form of the parasites which kills them and stops them from reproducing. Cloves kill the egg from so that they may not spawn into more parasites.


Opportunistic parasites pathogens overwhelm the normal intestinal flora, damage the mucosal lining, and suppress immunity. Juglans Plex is Phyto's unique formula of herbs known for their anti-parasitic, anti-fungal functions, and candidiasis control. Parasites are all around us. We can get them from other people, pets, undercooked meat or dairy products.

Where ever we pick them up, they mean us no good and can cause all manners of disturbances in our homeostasis. They can cause unpleasant, inconvenient, and when uncontrolled, potentially dangerous. But, we have the power to get rid of them with the assistance Juglan Plex can provide.


Is an overgrowth of the fungal yeast causing infection, mycosis? Candida Albicans most commonly cause it. It can range from a superficial infection of mucosal membranes to life-threatening systemic situations in immunocompromised patients.

Jungle Plex is a combination of the Powerful Black Walnut, Clove, Wormwood and other herbs and plant extracts. They act synergistically to control and eliminate parasites like Candida Albicans.