Anti Smoking Drugs: What Drugs Can Help You Stop Smoking?

Currently, there are several drugs available prescribed by doctors to help people put cigarettes forever. These medicines are:

– Zyban
– Chantix
– Wellbutrin

These drugs have been shown to help a person overcome the side effects of nicotine withdrawal and help them not feel some pleasure in smoking.

Zyban is sometimes used in conjunction with nicotine replacement products such as nicotine or nicotine candy. These medicines are not available on the table and therefore require a prescription from Dr. some insurance plans will include smoking cessation products as non-smoking improve your overall health. Success rates show that people who use one of these products increase their chances of fasting for more than one year by 15%.

Side Effects

Medicines, while valuable resources and assistance in helping people become smoke-free also come at their own risk. Some of the more common side effects of these drugs are:

– Insomnia
– Dry Mouth
– Constipation
– Nausea
– Loss Of Appetite

Although these side effects are not life-threatening, several new findings show that some of these drugs can be associated with significant depression.


Although these drugs may sound interesting, it is essential to understand that this is not for everyone. You should discuss to your doctor before using a medication. He will be able to suggest harmful effects. That way you will get the right treatment for you to do.