Anti Aging Olay Scam

I have always been impressed with how some anti-aging Olay products seem to work wonderfully on their advertising campaigns but achieving a fountain of youth through some of the products I buy has far from satisfactory results.

Part of the problem Oprah observes on the show is how we deal with anti-aging issues.

Most of us are looking for quick fixes with creams or lotions, but what is true is that achieving longevity and young skin is not the cream we apply to treat our skin, but the supplements we consume to treat our insides.

Anti-oxidants are the key here. Some of the few communities in the world that have so many citizens who live for more than a hundred years all consume foods that have high anti-oxidant concentrations.

Of these, the Sardinian island found 120 miles from the southern coast of Italy is home to the world’s largest hundred-year-old per capita woman.

So what are their anti-aging secrets?

Dr. Oz recently reviewed a study by National Geographic which concluded that scientists finally discovered the secret ingredients found in Sardinian food which increased longevity.

Found in individual plants, this high anti-oxidant mushroom grows naturally to help fight harmful bacteria, but when consumed regularly it is proven to act as a natural artery scrubber.

Sardinians consume this regularly as found in the red grape skin they consume, and the usual intake of polyphenol scientists suggests it will help increase a person’s age if accompanied by some moderate daily exercise and a warm family unit, combined with a high diet. . is the principal ingredient for a healthy body and brain.

Americans and westerners, however, have the most terrible records of arterial related diseases and diseases and report that new supplements available to help cleanse arteries have welcomed the news.

However, by just taking this supplement if you stick to a fast food diet or food that is arguing over a diet fast becoming a staple food for Americans – don’t expect to match the longevity of Sardinian women.

You also have to combine supplements with a healthy diet, ensuring that it is high in calcium so that it keeps strong bones as a body age and does some moderate daily exercise every day.

If you do, these scientists think this will achieve far greater success to achieve longevity and healthy fresh skin than just anti-aging Olay products.