All about new drugs to stop smoking

Smoking is a deadly habit that takes millions of lives every year. However, most of the world's population is still struggling with this addiction. Tobacco contains strong and addictive nicotine drugs and smokers find it difficult to break this habit.

If you are a smoker and you are serious about stopping smoking for a better tomorrow, then you can try consuming Cytisine which has been tested very effectively. It's important to stop smoking because it can cause severe health complications such as oral cancer, lung cancer, throat cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, and infertility.

What may be more dangerous is the effect of smoking on those exposed to it. Exposure to it can be dangerous, especially for those who are closest to you. Most of the smoke from a cigarette out into the air where cigarette smoke can be smoked by smokers who are not fortunate to sit or stand next to you. Thus, quitting smoking will prove to be a wise decision for yourself and others around you. You also save a lot of money to buy tons of smoking every day. Consider all the health hazards associated with smoking; you should try to stop smoking immediately.

Cytisine is a drug that has been used to treat nicotine addiction in Europe for many years. It is an alkaloid contained in Scotch Laburnum (Golden Rain Acacia), primarily on the seeds. Cytisine is said to perform the same role as the nicotine. He can stimulate the brain receptors that are also stimulated by nicotine and has been used as a tobacco substitute for nearly half a century.

Pharmaceutical companies–a Tabex Bulgaria markets cytisine. Currently, a prescription medication that is recommended is one tablet for every two hours. One must take a total of six tablets per day. The standard duration for this treatment was 25 days. Cytisine drugs have proven to be more effective than a placebo. The researchers claim that the low cost has made it as the preferred alternative than other smoking cessation drugs. This means it could be an advantage for the developing countries because the price is affordable.

Side effects of taking Cytisine

Some research suggests that cytisine, sold as Tabex, also has some side effects. These effects include dry mouth, abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, and breathing difficulties. This condition, however, is generally trivial and temporary.


If there is a stop smoking medicine affordable, effective and safe, then it would be Tabex. The drug is safe for everyone except those under the age of 18 years. However, you should be drinking the drug only as recommended by a doctor. You can buy Tabex Cytisine online through one of the listed medical stores after consultation with a doctor and get a prescription. The doctor will ensure drug safety for your body because of excessive doses can inhibit breathing and cause death. However, the use of the right of the anti-smoking medications may increase your chances of quitting smoking significantly.