Acai Berry – Trash, or Super Fruit?

How many of us want to live longer, look younger, live healthier lives, but hate trying to find out what pills or creams have to be bought to achieve this result. If what they say is true, all you need is Acai Berry from Amazon.

Look at every drug store, pharmacy, or newspaper ad, and wherever you look, you will see people lining up to buy some of these herbs, some of these pills, some disgusting washing-up liquids, or these supplements. People spend a lot of money trying to ensure that their bodies are in a healthy condition they can.

‘Baby Boomers’ – those born between 1946 and 1960, in particular, desperately tried to reverse the aging process, and live longer and healthier. And what do you know? One product that can do all of the above, in one simple daily dose, has been exploited itself to date by the hunter group, to only 91% of the remaining natural supply in the world.

I am talking here about the Acai Berry, which is only found in the Amazon rainforest, where, maybe for 50 years or more, hunter gangs have torn Acai Palm trees, to get ‘palmetto’ or Heart of Palm, which we in the West like to use as a salad decoration! More than 5 million of these trees have been destroyed in this way; only hunters can get around 50 cents per tree. But now, after about 90% of these magnificent palm trees have been killed, sanity applies.

These trees grow twice every year, from May to August, and from November to January, so now there is no shortage of crops. Local people can now be paid far more, regularly, to harvest these fruits, rather than the very little they get for each tree that is destroyed!

So what’s with the Acai tree that has attracted a lot of attention? One clue is how Acai trees survive, in very remote areas so that there are no roads, motorized vehicle traffic, or industrial pollution for thousands of miles.

The Acai tree sends a very shallow root system (no tap roots) to collect food from highly concentrated debris that falls on the forest floor. The fruit is formed just below the rainforest canopy. When floods come regularly, the Acai palms can reach six feet under water, and most other plans cannot last for more than a few days this way before they die from oxygen starvation from their rooting system. The berries, which are so close to the top of the forest canopy, are constantly bombarded by ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

One of the main results of this action is that to overcome this stress level; the fruit is pumped full of all the antioxidants needed to protect them from the attack of free radicals caused by these two main stresses. This produces fruit that is packed with almost every nutrient we need, which includes the most substantial anti-oxidant value of other known fruits. If you look at the ‘shopping list’ of some of these nutrients, you might immediately stop going to your local store and buy a package after a different package of pills and herbs, and go for the best quality mixture of Acai juice. Look at this list – nothing is complete – nothing extraordinary – no wonder it has been labeled as ‘Super Fruit.’

– Vitamin A – Calcium ·
– Vitamin C – Magnesium
– Vitamin E – Copper
– Vitamin D – Chromium
– Vitamin B1 – Zinc
– Vitamin B2 – Iron
– Vitamin B3 – Sodium
– Vitamin B6 – Manganese
– Vitamin B12 – Selenium

– Pantothenic acid, Boron Bioton, Potassium, Arsenic, Folic Acid, Molybdenum, Anacitol, Iodine.
– About heavy metals, because these acai trees are planted organically so far from common civilization pollutants, they have a trace size in small parts per million.

– Complex carbohydrates
– One gram per 100 grams of sugar
– Every essential Amino Acid
– Fatty acids – low cholesterol
– Single Saturated Fatty Acids

Now, as well as all health support components, one of the most significant effects that the acai berry has is the large number of anti-oxidants it contains. Many times greater than the strength of wheatgrass, and far more delicious to taste, the acai berry has the highest peroxide exterminating ability of any other product in the world. It may not mean much to most people, but what it means is that every cell in your body can be strengthened against the attack of free radicals in your body.

To explain that it is as simple as possible if you put a nail in the water, it will immediately start to rust. This is not water that does this, but free radicals in the water. If you surround the nail with anti-oxidants, they will ‘catch’ every free radical that approaches the nail, and neutralizes it, inhibiting rust damage. Your body is very similar to the pin, and if you get too many free radicals that are not explored, your body will begin to rust!

So where do these free radicals come from? Well, smoking, pollution, radiation, lots of fast food, virus attacks, physical injuries, and even stress can cause this to happen. Also, when your immune system sees terrible bacteria trying to make his home in your body warm and comfortable, this triggers an attack by your white blood cells, which attack bacteria, surround it and then cut it to shreds using – yep – free radicals!

Smooth and fresh, and bugs are destroyed.

However, unless you have enough antioxidants in your blood, suddenly your body area will be flooded with more free radicals! And free radicals will damage other healthy cells in the neighboring area unless checked and neutralized. One of the things that antioxidants can do is to prevent the emergence of old age.

Smokers in particular and those who are exposed to too much radiation from the sun will have more wrinkles on their skin because the cells are damaged. Interestingly, the majority of Brazilians (who live in or close to the Equator) have skin that looks smoother and younger by their age.

Why? This must be because the Acai berry is so abundant in Brazil, and everyone is given enough antioxidants to overcome this potential damage. If you look at a list of areas where it is believed that the Acai berry can help fight many diseases that are so common in most Western societies – such as cancer, diabetes, prostate problems, memory problems such as dementia-style disorders – and also help slow the aging process, strengthen memory , strengthen the immune system, reduce and reduce inflammation (both exercise and age) – why only a small proportion of the world’s population regularly take Acai in some other form?

Do they prefer to spend their money on a set of pills, potions, drugs, creams, organic fruits, and high-value organic vegetables and the like, when a few ounces of this superfood numerous times a day will do so many things? Prevent many chronic and tiring diseases? So why is the Acai berry sometimes labeled as the latest scam to hit the market?

Like all fruits, the Acai berry must be harvested correctly, only at maximum maturity, for maximum effect. If you are a native of the Amazon, and to satisfy your desires, you need to climb a belt to the nearest Acai palm tree, but if, like most of us, you may live thousands of miles away, then you cannot depend on the healthy way where most fruit is transported. Who hasn’t seen a pile of green bananas in a market that tends to turn black rather than mature properly?

Well, that’s the Acai berry. If the berries are used in fruit drinks, it must go through a process such as freeze-drying within 24 hours after being picked. This is the only way to maintain the high absorption capacity of oxygen radicals (ORAC) from the fruit. Now, why are these big berries sometimes labeled as scams, or that the best quality Asia drinks are considered too expensive?

Well, first of all, there is a limit to how many antioxidant ORAC values ​​your body can actively use every day, and this is usually between 3,000 and 6,000 ORAC units. Again, and the kidneys remove the excess. Some unscrupulous companies claim a much higher ORAC value per day from their products, indicating total ignorance of what is happening.

About costs, there are some different types of Acai drinks on the market, which you can get from most supermarkets, but when you see the contents, you might see ’20 or 100 Acai berries – skinned ‘.

Have you ever received an ORAC rating? Not! And where most of the nutrients and essential oils are in the berry – on the skin. The process of using a whole Acai berry, separate from pip, and maintaining all essential fatty acids and the like, is costly.

Anyone who thinks that they get the expected level of proper protection from this kind of drink must drink so much, that they will spend a lot of money, and also create other problems in the body by removing so many useless items.

However, there is one company that has invested millions of dollars in creating a unique blend of Asia natural drinks, which also consume most of the Acai plants together with the Brazilian government. This juice not only brings the full benefits of the Acai berry to the masses, but also takes significant steps to stabilize the several million Acai trees that are now left, bringing prosperity to the Amazon people, and the choice for millions of people in the world. Full to have a significant increase in their health and well-being.

So Acai is indeed a Super Fruit and passes all tests with more than just flying colors.

If you are looking for one easily assimilated food source that doesn’t require a list of pills, potions, great tasting drinks; also with the ability to slow down the aging process, get better sleep, get more protection from many chronic diseases caused by inflammation, (including many cancers and indeed obesity), a little aches and pains, then I suggest you find yourself as a source the best quality Acai juice – and live longer, healthier.