5 Effective Herbal treatment for hair-loss

If you suffer from severe hair loss and want a cheap and effective solution, you should immediately know the thing that can help the condition. See the list of herbs and use according to the instructions, and you will be surprised that some of them are functioning very well.

1. Egg Yolk

  • Massage your hair with shampoo but not with egg yolks in large quantities. Leave it there for an hour or more before you wash it. Do it regularly to get the best effect.

2. Aloe

  • Aloe Vera can promote hair growth and prevent them from falling. Aloe generates a cooling effect on the scalp, which in turn will stimulate the flow of blood in the head area. It also helps new hair to grow.

3. Coconut Oil

  • Stir in a little coconut oil into your Palm and rub it into the part where the hair loss was started. This is most successful in women than in men. Coconut oil is considered able to restore the health of the hair while functioning as a natural conditioner.

4. Apple cider vinegar

  • Rinse hair with Apple Cider vinegar will stimulate its growth again. Often, vinegar mixed with tea strongly wisely to maximize results. If the scalp was a bit itchy, add chamomile or catmint as the solution.

5. Natural hair-loss shampoos

  • If you want the best results of all herb used to help deter and prevent hair loss, it is best with natural hair growth shampoo than grass individually. This shampoo is formulated with all natural anti-hair loss, in the right proportions in one bottle. When used regularly or as prescribed by a doctor, you'll see noticeable results after a few weeks of use.