5 Effective Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss

If you’re suffering from a bad case of hair loss and you want an effective but cheap solution for it, all you may have to do is to raid your kitchen counter for some of the most natural things that can help reverse the condition. Refer to this herbal list and use them as directed. You may be surprised that some of them do work.

1. Egg Yolk

Massage your hair not with shampoo but with a generous amount of egg yolk. Leave it there for an hour or so before washing it off. Perform regularly for best effects.

2. Aloe

Aloe, as in Aloe Vera, can promote the growth of hair and keep it from falling. Aloe creates a cooling effect on the scalp, which in turn will stimulate the flow of blood in the head area. It also helps new hair to grow.

3. Coconut Oil

Insert a small quantity of coconut oil in your palm and rub it to the part where hair loss has commenced. This works best in women than in men. Coconut oil is assumed to restore the health of hair while serving as a natural conditioner.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar would stimulate its re-growth. Often, the vinegar is mixed with sage tea to maximize the results. If your scalp is somewhat itchy, add chamomile or catmint to the solution.

5. Natural hair loss shampoos

If you want to enjoy the best of all the herbs used to help prevent and reverse hair loss, it is best that you settle for a natural hair growth shampoo than go for the herbs individually. These shampoos are formulated with all the essential natural anti-hair loss ingredients, and they are included in the right proportions in one bottle. When used regularly or as prescribed by a doctor, you’ll see noticeable results after just a few weeks’ worths of use.