3 Natural Acne Medication is highly recommended

Natural acne medications are usually in the form of home remedies — not only the benefits of your skin but also your budget. Most of the ingredients needed to concoct natural acne medicines are found right in the kitchen, garden, or local grocery store.
Also, more people prefer this treatment because there are little effort and time needed to devote the entire healing process.

Many are satisfied with natural healing because the results are as good as professionally assisted surgeries. However, elimination of zits due to medical care should not be ignored. This has proven useful for individuals with severe acne problems.
So, before you can do the following natural treatments, make sure you don’t have allergies with any of the ingredients. The few dollars you want to save may only be allocated to treat further irritation.

# 1 Natural acne medicine from plants, fruits, and plants.

There are several oils and extracts from various plants that can be used to treat acne. The procedure for extracting each anti-inflammatory agent per plant is almost the same. Application to the skin varies from 10-15 minutes, then must be washed immediately. Here’s an example:

1. Aloe vera – get fresh leaves and cut the center until all the yellow sap is drained. Useful content: natural cooling gel.
2. Peppermint – crush a handful of leaves and use juice. Useful content: menthol.
3. Tea tree oil and Neem extract – this natural acne medicine is a solution that can be obtained from a pharmacy. Useful content: antibacterial and antimicrobial agents.
4. Nettle leaves – don’t apply directly to the skin, preferably used as a tea or in capsule form. Pour boiling water over the leaves, leave to saturate for 5 minutes and then drink with honey or lemon. Useful content: anti-inflammatory properties.
5. Tomatoes – slice and place segments in the affected area. Useful content: vitamin A and antioxidants

# 2 Natural acne remedy from kitchen herbs.

Conventional materials can be applied to the affected area from 10-30 minutes. All you have to do is mix a large number of ingredients for the following combinations:

1. Rose water and lemon/lime juice or fresh fenugreek leaves or sandalwood
2. Honey and cinnamon powder or single cooked oatmeal
3. Papaya and sesame oil
4. Gram flour and pure milk or plain yogurt
5. Facial masks (sour cream, yogurt, cereal, and lemon juice)

# 3 Natural acne medicine from aromatherapy solutions.

You can use various types of aromatic oils from herbs and medicinal plants. This formula can be applied 15 minutes on your face every day:

1. Hot water, bergamot (1 drop) and lemon oil (2 drops) for facial steam treatment
2. Lavender drops (8), tea trees (4), jojoba (½ oz.), Fir oil (3) and Helichrysum (2) for face application using the cotton swab
3. One teaspoon each of clay and honey/water, and a drop of each helichrysum and rosemary oil for a face mask

This advice can be more effective if you change your lifestyle. Combine a healthy diet and daily exercise. And then you can have better skin in a short time.