3 Amazing Anti Aging Secrets

Anti-aging has come a long way – for the medical industry. Facelifts, eye lifts, liposuction, and even painful hormone injections pave the way for the future of anti-aging. But is there a better way?

You bet there is – and it is what celebrities, models, and superstars use to stay fit and young longer than we thought we could go without surgery. Three of these anti-aging secrets will be revealed here so you can try them for yourself.

Anti Aging Secret #1 – The power of juicing. It is a known fact that as many Americans are obese, these same people suffer from malnutrition. Many people in industrialized cultures suffer from hunger and do not even realize it.

Even those that mean we'll have a difficult time eating their five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Some may take a high potency vitamin pill because they know they don't eat enough of the right foods.

Making your vegetable juice can make up for this better than any vitamin pill ever will. Your body cannot consume all the lab replicas of nutrients in a mainstream vitamin pill, nor could you ever digest all that at once, anyway.

You can, however, drink and utilize the nutrients from a tall glass of carrot, beet, ginger and apple juice. Those that make and drink their fresh juice every day enjoy beautiful, smooth, skin that is tighter. Your body can use everything it needs to make more collagen for your skin and hair. And what it doesn't need will be eliminated, unlike some vitamin pills that can cause toxicity.

Anti Aging Secret #2 – Body Cleansing is a big anti-aging secret in Los Angeles. It is used by models, actors, musicians, and others “in the know” because it works.

Body cleansing helps people remove internal waste and buildup that can feed toxins into the bloodstream. This built up waste can add pounds to your frame and years to your look. Cleansing is a natural way to help your body remove this waste.

Anti Aging Secret #3 – Jump for Health. Jumping, or rebounding, is the exercise of jumping on a mini trampoline designed for daily and extended use. It was stated in the Townsend Letter for Doctors that health benefits included; carrying more oxygen throughout the body, increased circulation, clearing of the lymphatic system, strengthening of the heart and toning every muscle in the body.

Rebounder exercise has been around since the '70s but faded out because of the injury rate. These days they make individual trampolines called “rebounders” to absorb the impact and make jumping safe. Many happy rebounders report overall toning, fun while exercising along with a natural facelift as it is said to tone the facial muscles as well.

Try this anti-aging secret and see if it can be your healthy alternative to surgery or other painful procedures. Take care good of your body, and it will take care of you.